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1 way to use a tablet and Evernote to save time at work


In this time of “doing more with less” many of us have to do our real jobs as well as many administrative functions not the least of which is documenting meetings. I don’t know about all of you, but I attend a lot of meetings. And, prior to my iPad I tended to take pretty good notes; I guess this grew out of being somewhat anal in college. In fact I have stacks of notebooks dating back to when I first started my current job. The problem with these notebooks is that I rarely if ever refer to them mostly because I have essentially lost track of the information I captured in them. Fortunately for my employer my wife organized a consortium of friends and family to pitch in for my iPad 1 as a 40th birthday present last year. As a result, I have now become the unofficial stenographer for many meetings I attend.

How am I am able to keep up with all that happens in a meeting while not creating too much back-end editing work in my office? How am I able to justify staring at my iPad in the middle of a meeting? Essentially, I attempt to create value for everyone else in the meeting while also organizing my own thoughts and tasks. The information below comes from my the response on a recent post on LinkedIn.

I have turned into being the unofficial note taker these days as I always have my iPad with me at meetings. I type all of my notes for a meeting directly into Evernote with my own action items identified with ACTION ITEM and other attendee action items with WAITING with the team member’s name. It generally takes me about 2-5 minutes to clean up the notes for distribution via email at end of the meeting before I get up from the table. Because I am typing in Evernote the notes are instantly filed where I want them. At the end of the day I check all of my notes and add my own action items into my task manager (TaskTaskHD, more on this app on a later post), although I sometimes add my own action items directly into TaskTask as I go to save time. Lastly during my Weekly Review I search my Evernote database for the two key words noted above to validate that I have not forgotten anything and to validate that I am keeping track of all of the tasks I am waiting for from others.

If you like this method you can of course customize your own key words depending on your needs.

What do you all think? Would taking and sharing notes in real-time help you in your day-to-day meetings? Let me know…

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