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One simple way to get your inbox to zero with the Blackberry

I have a serious case of iPhone envy. Everywhere you turn another professional (or stay at home mom/dad, grandmom/dad, preteen, etc.) is swiping away on their fancy handheld. You see, I am stuck with my Blackberry for at least another year until my contract runs out. I would have acquired an iPhone sooner except for the fact that my place of work is a hospital and they require a fairly high level of security (remember when RIM was banned from the middle-east? http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-20012478-83.html). So, in the meantime I will focus on creating my perfect productivity system with my trusty Blackberry (and my stunning iPad)

One of the first things I tackled when I first became interested in productivity was my inbox. At the time several years ago I was juggling young kids, athletic pursuits and my professional life. I needed a way to get more done at work so that I had time for all of the other stuff I needed to do. Since my chosen process was GTD I chose to focus on the getting it to zero The idea of cleaning out the inbox on a daily basis is an excellent one, but the practice is significantly more difficult in practice if you need to process your messages in front of a work computer.

One way I have been been able to more efficiently organize my inbox has been through a simple Blackberry keyboard shortcut using the “i” key. Blackberry has been very creative in the use of keyboard shortcuts having grown up as a keyboard only device from the beginning (and now trying to play catch up with it’s various devices). The problem is that it is sometimes difficult to discover all of these cool little shortcuts these days since so much of the focus is now on the touchscreen. So, if you are stuck with a Blackberry (or simply love its simplicity and reliability) and do not know about one of these shortcuts, read on.

The Blackberry allows it’s users to quickly file an email message into one of your email folders using a keyboard shortcut. All you have to do is hit the “i” key while viewing a message or viewing it from within your email listing. Pressing this key displays your current folders; just select your desired folder and press the track ball. Your done!

Yes, this is very basic little lesson, but it is one that will allow you to more efficiently utilize those little dead times in the day (not while sitting in meetings of course) whether it be waiting in line at the cafe or at the airport! Enjoy!

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